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August 29, 2010

Travel experiences: Road trip horror stories

Last March, we had to go to from our home in Pembroke Pines to Orlando for my brother-in-law’s INS appointment, at which he was denied his residence status again on a technicality. We were all disappointed and rather depressed as we attempted to hurry back to the lawyer’s office to bring some necessary papers. Wouldn’t you know it, we got lost. My wife was driving at the time, and, after a time, she stopped and asked someone for directions and we found out we had gone miles out of the way. Disgruntled, I told my wife to let me drive, as she has a habit of driving too slow. I thought I was keeping up with the flow of traffic as some cars were even passing me. But then, suddenly a booted highway patrolman stepped out in front of me to pull me over. That’s a scary experience in itself. He was quite rude and abruptly asked for my license and registration. I tried to tell him we were here on business and had gotten lost, but he wouldn’t listen. Having checked my license he proceeded to write me up for going 46 in a 35, with a fine of 180.00. I couldn’t believe it. I was on edge as I strove to be extra careful all the way back to Pembroke Pines.

Then there was the 2nd trip, in June, which was supposed to be our vacation. In another article, I refer to it as he best of road trips and the worst of road trips (apologies to Dickens). I’m referring to the trip our my wife and I and my brother-in-law made this summer, first to South Carolina and then to New Jersey, Philadelphia, Lancaster & N.Y. We did have some good times, but there were also some real nightmares and I’d like to tell you how to avoid them.

First of all I think if I would ever do it again, I would not drive all the way to those far off destinations, like South Carolina and New Jersey. I think I would either fly or take a train and then rent a car when we got the destination to use there. All of that long distance driving is just too stressful and there is always some construction going on along the highways, so you can’t go as fast as you want to and even where there’s no construction, you have to try to keep to the speed limit or always be on the lookout for the cops, which is quite stressful when you’re on a limited time budget. But, having gotten that other ticket, in Orlando, I was especially nervous and watchful for the police.

One thing that would help is to try to find out about the parking rules and the available parking in the city you are visiting. When

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