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July 15, 2010

Travel budget: How to save money on vacation

… gas prices vary within a 50-mile radius.

Consider buying a timeshare if you frequently visit places like Orlando, Florida. You will also get numerous discount coupons and complimentary gifts along with the timeshare purchase.

Another …

July 1, 2010

Air Travel Not Always The Cheapest Travel Choice

… driving makes sense. See for yourself by comparing the cost of flying and the cost of driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Washington, D.C. to Boston, or Miami to Orlando using the tools available at fuelcostcalculator.com and sidestep.com.

June 6, 2010

Hotel reviews: Ramada Plaza resort, Orlando, Florida

… were terrible and the room had signs of wear n tear. We had the day to spend there as we were waiting for a flight to the Bahamas. This is where the disappointment continued. Our first move was to eat. The Buffet would open in 10 minutes so we …

June 1, 2010

Caveats of Cheap Discount Airfare Reservations

… One Way or Round Trip


At times airlines and travel websites advertiser amazingly low airfares. You might be tempted to go to Orlando for $69 but do find out if this is a one-way fare that is quoted or a return trip. Also take in to …

May 24, 2010

Disney World Vacation – Top Money Saving Tips

… have to pull your kids out of school, they will still get their educational fix from Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Airfares to Orlando can be cheaper mid-January till February, and September till October.

Plan where you will stay:

Of …

May 10, 2010

Prices For Disney World Vacations – Economical Budget Travel to Disney

… most expensive part of your Disney vacation is probably the airfare. When planning your budget, you should know that airfares to Orlando are the cheapest from mid-January until February and September through October. You may also search online for …

Long-haul flights in winter set for increase.

… the ease of getting there; cheap flights with low cost airlines have made flying to these destinations extremely easy and affordable.

April 27, 2010

Top Airlines That Offer Flights to Usa

… the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. American operates Comments Off

April 22, 2010

Orlando Vacation Package- How To Save Some Money

… : the travel section of your Sunday paper; brochures from your local travel agency; travel magazines; major airlines that fly to Orlando; major hotel chains that have properties in Orlando; the amusement parks themselves offer a huge variety of …

April 21, 2010

Getting Cheap Tickets to Alaska, Florida, and even California.

… to travel, and do not be afraid to befriend a travel agent.

Jonathan Kittley is the airline employee, and wasinterviewed on: http://www.free-flight-upgrades.com where you can learn all about cheap flights and free flight upgrades.

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