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August 19, 2010

Orlando Attractions- Tree of Life Nursery and Universe of Energy

American Water Front, Boggy Creek Airboat Rides, cirque Du Soleil, Disney wide World of Sport, Raging Sprites, Splendid China, The Universe of Energy, Tree of Life Nursery and Westerland are some popular Orlando attractions.

Tree of life nursery is a 40 acre native plants nursery. The nursery has a wide range of varieties of trees, flowers and succulents. Plants from Baja California, Mexico and Arizona are also grown in the nursery, but available only to the retail customers. The nursery was established by Mike Evans and Jeff Bohn to serve the people to their Southern California Community.

The nursery offer many wonderful attractions to their guests like spring wildflower, white sage in a rustic clay day, a bird’s nest in a scrub oak and scent of the winter rain on dry leaves. The groups like Sta. Barbara Botanic Garden, Rancho Sta. Ana Botanic Garden and the California Native Plant Society provide the facilities to grow and cultivate the different species of plants in Tree of Life Nursery. I feel it is place where one could experience the old, authentically natural California.

It is a single attraction pavilion at EPCOT, Disneyland. The Universe of Energy is a place to ‘Ellen’s Energy Adventure’, a place where you can find the answers of your some very prominent queries about energy. How energy is produced? What is a history of energy? How to search new energy resources? Etc. The whole pavilion building is a demonstration of energy. The guests can enjoy the ride of moving theater car, which is able to carry approximately 100 guests at a time (the 32 minute ride, known as Ellen’s Energy Adventure). The audio- animatronics set of dinosaurs is another attraction of the Universe of Energy. The theatre has 600 rotating seats and breaks up into six multi- passenger vehicles. If you want to enjoy the world of energy, Universe of Energy is a perfect place to visit.

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