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August 22, 2010

Memoirs: Funny airport experiences

It was a couple of years ago when I lived in Tampa, Florida. My step dad (Paul), mom, and I were going to fly to Seattle to see Paul’s family.

We start off at just the planning stages. We can easily fly out of Tampa International Airport. Paul wants to rent a car and fly out of Orlando International Airport because the flight is an hour shorter, the drive to Orlando is two hours. Cannot argue this with him though, just have to let it go. So we rent a car and drive to the Orlando Airport, my mom and I are dropped off at baggage claim while Paul returns the car. My mom and I get our boarding passes, go through security and are now at the gate waiting for the plane which is scheduled to be there in thirty minutes, no Paul. Paul gives mom a call, apparently the car was rented from a “residential” agency and cannot be returned to an “airport” agency. So Paul now much drive to downtown Orlando and get a taxi back to the airport in thirty minutes to catch the flight. Meanwhile I am sitting in the waiting area playing cards with total strangers while my mom is freaking out about Paul not making it. Then Mom runs up to me and asks if I herd her name on the intercom, I can’t hear anything so no I did not. Finally I herd it a couple minutes later and they were calling her back to the security checkpoint.

So mom leaves to go back and about ten minutes later she comes back. She left her purse at the checkpoint so they had to search the bag about four times, ask mom questions, you know the drill. She sits by me sweating from running around and grabs a drink that is sitting next to me, was there when I sat there, and said , “I’m going to have a sip of your drink.” I reply with, “Mom, that’s not mine.” She continues sipping for about five seconds, then what I said sunk in, she rushed to the bathroom to spit it out and probably throw up. While I sit there, continuing to play cards, the airline announces the plane will be late to the airport, good thing since we have not seen Paul.

About thirty more minutes go by, the plane shows up and everyone gets in line, still no word on Paul. Passengers deboard, pre-boarding boards, then our group. Just when we start walking up guess who runs up next to us, Paul.

The plane ride was uneventful, regular ride, nothing exciting happened at the Seattle airport. We rented a car to go to a relatives house somewhere in the area. We have never been there so we acquired directions before leaving Tampa. The only problem was it was dark and we could not see a thing. This resulted in many U-turns and evidently being pulled over by a couple of cops. They thought we were doing drug trafficking, must have been a bad part of town, they gave us directions and let us go.

The rest of the trip was fun, ride back was routine thankfully.

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